Ndzalama Home Based Care Centre, Mkhuhlu

Ndzalama Home Base Care Centre, MkhuhluEarly in 2013, Vuswa Fleet Services responded favourably to a plea for help from the Ndzalama Home Base Care Centre, the name meaning “something precious”. This centre is based in Mkhuhlu near Cork and approximately 40km from the Paul Kruger Gate entrance to the Kruger National Park. The centre caters for approximately 50 or more orphaned and destitute children. These children are taken care of by Molly Mvubu and Precilla Ndlovu.

As part of Vuswa Fleet Services social responsibility programme in helping previous disadvantaged communities; on a yearly basis we look at new projects to help struggling communities. Feeding poor children and educating them is a top priority in our books, as they are the future of this nation. This will enable the children to play again in a healthy and active as well as educational environment giving them advantages previously denied them. Equipment, gas bottles and the refilling thereof, supplying of crockery and utensils has already been provided.


 Vuswa Fleet Services has undertaken to complete the renovations of the centre and have arranged for the painting of the home, providing security gates and burglar bars for the windows in the kitchen and store room area. Plumbing has also been undertaken to ensure the kitchen has running water, proper drainage, etc.

The Vuswa Fleet Services Board of Directors made the decision to further supply both non-perishable and perishable foods, together with cleaning materials to the centre on a daily basis. Since the start of the new term in April 2013, Buscor (Pty) Limited, a transport company in Nelspruit kindly offered to assist in the delivery of these items monthly. Neville Victor of Manchel Construction has agreed to grade the road and pathway to and around the facility.

In order to assist in the children’s education and keep them stimulated, Vuswa Fleet Services have plans to fund educational toys and books as well as quarterly outings.

Acknowledgements to Dr T.M. Mogashoa for information and photographs & Ms. Z. Moolla for photographs

Written and compiled by A. Tredway

Monday, July 15, 2013 4:26:00 PM


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