Fleet Accident Management is a comprehensive Accident Management Service. From the time the accident occurs until the damage is repaired and the vehicle is returned in running order, FAM will take care of all the red tape.

Fleet Accident Management is a member of the Vuswa Fleet Services Group of Companies. FAM provides you with complete peace of mind in the case of an accident, by virtually eliminating the disruption to your daily activities which are so often the aftermath of an accident. By simply dialing 08000 33002 from any cellular or Telkom phone, you will have access to a comprehensive range of services, which can be tailored according to your specific needs. These are backed by the experience and specialist expertise of our trusted staff.

Fleet Accident Management is a leader in accident management solutions for corporate, government, heavy/medium commercial vehicles and utility fleets. Included in Fleet Accident Management’s comprehensive portfolio of services is an integrated Accident & Risk Management program that provides swift, effective action when an accident involving a fleet vehicle occurs.

Our accident reporting integrates information to help implement effective safety policies, analyze trends and identify high risk drivers.

The result is a lower accident rate, improved driver safety, and reduced costs.

Accident service can be provided on a stand-alone basis or as part of a comprehensive fleet management program. Fleet Accident Management provides services whether your fleet is insured or self-insured.

The Fleet Accident Management program focuses on fleet productivity, repair cost, process management and accident information.

Fleet Accident Management also offers replacement rentals through Vuswa Fleet Services-Rent-a-Car and Van Rentals at highly competitive rates. 



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